The company of NOVAPHARM Pvt.Ltd., was founded in Cologne in the year
1984 by Dr. Rudolf V. Noronha and a german pharmacist.
Dr. Noronha got his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Bonn and
then worked for pharmaceutical firms as head of the departments for
production, quality control, formulations and regulatory affairs. With about
30 years of experience, he developed a hair lotion to stop loss of hair,
which was then patented in Germany. The great success of this hair lotion
both in Germany and abroad required us to follow up with other products.
The next product was a hair shampoo to stop itching of the scalp and
dandruff. Thereafter Dr. Noronha developed a novel cream for the treatment
of acne, pimples, skin allergy and rosacea.
All three products are having very good response in most of the countries.
Dr. Noronha is at the same time "Consultant" for a series of pharmaceutical companies for Resaerach
and Development, International Regulatory Affairs for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
In 1994 the Company joined another partner and shifted to Berlin with special emphasis on export.
This export division progressed very fast and very positive, confirming the good efficacy of all three
products. Since then the export has been growing very fast with excellent results.
NOVAPHARM is now exporting to Bahran, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait,
Lettland, Oman, Qatar, Tanzania, Uganda and Venezuela.
Other countries are in the process of registration.
In the year 2001 the company was then again shifted to Cologne with Dr. Noronha as the sole CEO
and owner.
NOVAPHARM has developed further interesting and effective products for skin and nail care, such as
for treatment of "Neurodermitis", "Athlets Foot" and brittle nails. NOVAPHARM is proud to be a small
company developing excellent products, which can compete with the best in the world market.