It is most natural that human beings lose around 40 - 100 hairs
daily. But this loss of hair is never visible because the new hair
growing actually pushes the old hair out, which is a very normal
biological process.
Loss of hair which causes visible baldness is due mainly to cellular
disturbances caused by inflammation and bacterial infection of the
hairroots. Obviously the environment does also play a role.
Biochemically it is the renffanen from the scalp skin lipids that
is oxidised and converted to Dehydrocholesterol, which causes loss
of hair. Hence to stop loss of hair it is most important to first clean
the scalp free from inflammation and Bacteria and then block the
oxidation of Cholesterol to Dehydrocholesterol.
The hair is rooted in the scalp into the hair follicles. The lower end
of these hair follicles build the hairbulb, which is filled with blood
vessels. These should always be warmed up and activated with good
blood circulation to keep the hair follicles alive.
HAAR STABIL TONIC contains the important Aminocids in a certain
fixed proportion, which is essential for building up the Keratine, which
is the main constituent of the hair.
HAAR STABIL TONIC contains Lecithin which is a well known natural emulsifier, which removes the excess
Cholesterol from the scalp thus preventig loss of hair.
HAAR STABIL TONIC contains Panthenol which repairs broken and brittle hair.
HAAR STABIL TONIC contains Piroctone Olamine which is a preservative and keeps the scalp free from bacterial
HAAR STABIL TONIC contains Bakuchiol, which is the proven indian herbal oil as a herbal antibiotic which cleans
the scalp free from inflammation and bacterial infection thus stopping loss of hair.
HAAR STABIL TONIC contains Benzylnicotinate which is known to increase blood circulation and warm up the scalp,
which helps activate and regenerate the hairfollicles and hairbulb.
HAAR STABIL TONIC also contains Vitamine-E-acetate which protects the hair from the negative effects of the
HAAR STABIL TONIC has been used by many consumers with great success. Even those taking anti-cancer
drugs have successfully used HAAR STABIL TONIC to prevent loss of their hair, where most other Hair Tonic
and even cortison drugs failed. If regularly massaged by Hairdressers, we have a few cases claiming hair growth!
Hence it is advisable to have some patience and perserverance and massage daily thoroughly by yourself or a
Hairdresser or even at home by your relatives.
HAAR STABIL SHAMPOO was developed to cure itching of the
scalp and dandruff.
HAAR STABIL SHAMPOO contains the animal hydrolysed collagen,
a mixture of plant extracts and the anti-dandruff agent "Octopirox"
or Piroctone Olamine. The combination of these ingredients has
proved effective to cure dandruff and itching of the scalp.
HAAR STABIL SHAMPOO also gives the hair more volume and
better feeling. The constituernts of the plant extracts have
astringent, capillary dilating, permeability increasing and skin
protective properties.
A series of consumers, including those with very sensitive
skin have given very good reports about HAAR STABIL SHAMPOO
PICA-n-DERM Ointment is a novel ointment both in its
composition and efficacy for the treatment of Acne,
Pimples, Itching of the skin, Blackheads and general
Skinrash. It has no side-effects.
PICA-n-DERM contains the herbal antibiotic "Bakuchiol"
which has been isolated in the pure form from the
indian herbal plant "Psoralea corylifolia L.", which
as been used over thousands of years for treatment
of skin problems.
PICA-n-DERM contains as active ingredient
"Pyridylmethanal" which increases blood-
circulation, warms up the skin and also has anti-
bacterial effects, especially against the Propioni
PICA-n-DERM also contains Bisabolol from the
Chamomile and Vitamin-E-acetate, which both act
as anti-inflammatory ingredients.
PICA-n-DERM does not contain any Cortison, does not peel the skin but penetrates well into the skin.
PICA-n-DERM prevents excess proliferation of the Sebum glands and has anti-bacterial effects. Simultaneously
it has also anti-inflammatory effects.
The excellent efficacy and compliance of PICA-n-DERM Ointment has been conformed by consumers and
dermatologists. Prof. Dr. Tronnier, the internationally known Demotologist, has also as confirmed the
compliance of PICA-n-DERM. In the meantime the countries like Ecuador, Kamerun, Malaysia, Sudan
and Venezuela have also confirmed the good efficacy of PICA-n-DERM Ointment.